Triple Bypass Surgery Linked to Kidney Failure Resulting in Death

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Open heart surgery is the most common surgery in the United States. This might sound alarming and might pose certain questions as to why this is occurring. The need for a bypass surgery is because there is a blockage in your arteries that is cutting off the circulation of blood. A heart bypass surgery is performed to reduce the pressure of chest pain that is occurring due to the lack of flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. The number of bypasses is attributed to the number of coronary arteries grafted from another region of the body to be replaced in the heart. For example in a triple bypass surgery, three coronary arteries are taken from other places in the body to replace those that are clogged in the heart. The coronary arteries that are abstracted from other places in the body are much more important to be replaced in the heart than where they are currently placed. Coronary arteries are typically taken from places in the body such as in the leg or arm.

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