Smoking Is A Speeding Train Towards Heart Disease

by Zak Hart

Ignorance is no excuse to suffer from heart disease associated with smoking. For years doctors have tried to preach the dangers of smoking to the public, making the dangers widely known. Some people still choose to not take these warnings seriously. You may think it will never happen to you but is it really worth the risk?

There are thousands of different chemical compounds in a cigarette, with at least 60 of them being toxic. As these toxins float through your blood stream they accelerate the speed of which your arteries can potentially harden, causing the potential for coronary heart disease, as well as increasing your chances of suffering a heart attack, heart failure, and even sudden death.

Some people still believe if they smoke less than the ‘normal amount’ it isn’t going to happen to them, however this isn’t necessarily true. Your body doesn’t care how much you have smoked; all it knows is that you keep putting these toxins in your bloodstream. You are dodging a speeding train each time you light a cigarette, each time you step on the tracks you have the chance of falling victim.

There is no time limit on how long it will take your body to harden your arteries caused by smoking; this is why you should never start smoking to begin with. There is a higher risk factor for those who already have heart disease in their family.

Smoking not only increases your chances of heart disease, but also those whom you’ve smoked around. Each time you light a cigarette because you have that urge that you just have to have one think about all of the innocent people around you that you are exposing to your second hand smoke, they too will eventually suffer the same risks associated with your smoking. Is it really worth lighting up and getting that quick fix to risk the health of everyone you care about?

Women that smoke and take certain medications are at a higher risk of getting heart disease or suffering other unwanted medical conditions. The toxins in cigarettes that contribute to the build up of fatty deposits in the arteries are not listed on individual packs of cigarettes, because if they were people would be less likely to smoke knowing what they are inhaling.

Smoking is a choice that an individual makes, but they should keep others in mind when they decide to light that cigarette. If you are unable to quit you should at least not smoke around other people, especially children that don’t have a choice. Keep your health in mind as well as everyone else’s. Quitting is the only way to ultimately prevent you from suffering from heart disease caused by smoking.

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