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Chantix is an anti-smoking prescription medicine that works very different than other drugs. Tests show that it is one of the most effective anti-smoking drugs. The main substance contained by Chantis is called Varenicline and it has the capacity to work directly in the brain area that creates addictiveness to nicotine. This ingredient tricks the brain and makes it believe that you are smoking. Nicotine is in fact the substance that makes smokers become addicted to tobacco.It’s quite simple the way that nicotine works. When you smoke, nicotine is dispersed from the cigarette into your cells and from there into cells of your brain. When the nicotine has arrived to its destination, it sends messages to your brain that is releasing dopamine. This substance is also commonly known as the “pleasure system” of the brain. The pleasure that dopamine gives you is the reason why your body keeps on asking for more tobacco.

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