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by Lian Maksin

By: Whirly Popcorn Popper. Although there are dozens of pay per click search engines sharing the market, only some of them truly enjoy success and huge numbers of users, and here we can count Google Adwards, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MIVA, 7Search, ABC search and so on. Let us take a look at these giants that serve the world wide web on a daily basis thanks to the service necessities of millions of advertisers and Internet surfers who favor online transactions over real-life ones.

Google AdWords is by far the largest and most comprehensive of pay per click search engines as the advertising capabilities it offers users make an epitome of high quality standards. You can set an account and complete the ads management within five minutes after signing up. Moreover, with Google AdWords one has free access to the advertising tutorials, some great tools for the Internet business newbie.

Then, there comes Yahoo! Search Marketing with a product unparalleled by other pay per click search engines: the possibility to create sponsored links on search engines page results. The huge merit of such links is that they bring massive exposure to 80% of the active Internet surfers who use MSN, Altavista, Yahoo!, Infospace, CNN, ESPN or Excite. Such a form of product promotion can be a gold mine and you can start using it right away.

MIVA network also deserves a place in the top of pay per click search engines; there are around two billion queries performed each month which is more than enough to justify the position of the network.

An ad posted on MIVA will be displayed on sites like InfoSpace, World News, Cnet.com and on lots of other web pages that are part of the network. With MIVA the user has the freedom to decide how much he/she will pay for a key phrase or a keyword.

Search123 and 7Search are other pay per click search engines worth mentioning. They are both targeting small businesses with a reduced budget that lack the means to pay ten cents per visitor. From the same financial point of view, Search123 is advantageous as well since for an initial $50 deposit when you sign up you receive an extra advertising budget of $20.

However, such practices of encouraging advertisers are not singular and they are encountered with other pay per click search engines like ABCSearch for instance. Businesses often prefer working with several search engines simultaneously as they thus boost up the chances of increasing profit.

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