MSN Smilies

by Lian Maksin

Authored by: Toddler Wooden Bed. What are MSN emoticons or smileys? The necessity to render emotions in written words while still keeping the style casual led to the appearance of smileys or emoticons that are simple combinations of regular keyboard characters. They are popular for different computer communication forms, such as: email and instant messages. Smiling symbols were first introduced as MSN emoticons but they are available on Yahoo! too for instance. The smiling faces represent a substitute for the direct casual encouraging smile, but depending on the context other meanings can be conveyed.

Since many people tend to use these signs while communicating via the Internet, MSN, Yahoo, and Google, too, provide you with lists of emoticons, which are converted to real icons while used during a chat session. These emoticons graphically express an emotion through an icon.

Hence the name emoticon. Hundreds of these emoticons are being used, whether they are MSN emoticons or other emoticons. The idea of using these symbols is to emphasize the writer’s feelings, emotions and, also, to do it in a funny way.

Is there any difference between smileys and emoticons? The tendency seems to be for the Europeans to use the term emoticons, whereas Americans tend to call the same things smileys. Anyway, messenger users often call them MSN emoticons, MSN smileys or Yahoo smileys. There are huge numbers of sites that give away free smileys, of which Smiley Central smileys are the most popular.

Both basic and custom MSN emoticons are available for the instant message and email services, all free of charge. Many of these, which are really great, have been designed for messenger by fans.

The custom MSN emoticons feature enables you to use animated emoticons up to 50×50 pixels in size. At My Emoticons, for instance, these icons are divided into romance, girlie, bad boys, moody and other categories. They have even come up with adult emoticons and sex smilies, which, though not for everybody, are still terribly funny.

Each MSN emoticon has a tag, which automatically generates a particular item. The simplest example is a smiley face, which consists of a colon and a right-hand bracket. Using the opposite bracket will give you a sad face. Many other emoticons also have tags that resemble them, and it’s possible to remember the majority of such basic emotion tags relatively quickly. For those that are not so easy to remember, there is a drop down menu available in the chat window. Like this, MSN emoticons will be just a click away.

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