Act Quickly to Signs & Symptoms of Acute Kidney Failure

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Have you recently experienced a lack of being able to urinate, or excessive urination, swelling, nausea, or drastic mood changes. If so you might be suffering from acute Kidney failure, in which your kidneys have suddenly lost the ability to dispose of waste. This in turn causes a decreased flow of blood, not allowing the proper amount of oxygen to be distributed throughout the body. Acute kidney failure is very serious and life threatening, therefore it is imperative that you seek treatment if you have incurred any of the symptoms listed above.

Other threats to the body resulting before total loss of kidney function are, numerous Urinary Track Infections, infection of the kidneys, clotting of the blood vessels of the kidney, and birth complications. People who have acute kidney failure generally retain excessive fluid retention therefore it is easy for a doctor to be able to tell if a patient is showing symptoms by using a stethoscope. Using this stethoscope, a doctor is able to listen to the heart and lungs checking for any heart murmurs that might indicate inflammation.

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